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Some injuries require home medical equipment to continue the rehabilitation process outside of the office. We offer specialized durable medical equipment (DME) through Work Comp, Medicare, Commercial Insurance, and Self Pay. If you need to buy home medical equipment, it’s only a short walk away. For the convenience of our patients, we stock all the home medical equipment to our patients in-house. We’ll help you get a proper fit among our leading brands that include OptiFlex, dvtlite, FlexMate, and Game Ready.


Venowave technology provides innovative and cost effective therapeutic solutions for pain, vascular conditions, prevention of deep vein thrombosis and wound healing intervention.

Kneehab XP

The Kneehab XP is an innovative and clinically-proven device that offers NMES (Neuro Muscular Electric Stimulation) for quadriceps strengthening and improved knee stability. The technology delivers accurately coordinated quadriceps contractions to accelerate recovery and get you back to your normal activities.

Ultima 3t Tens Unit

The TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation) unit helps to provide pain control by disrupting the “gait” mechanism in the body. This disruption helps to relieve both pre and post-operative pain.

Game Ready

The Game Ready unit utilizes a combination of cold and compression that can be applied both pre and post-operatively. When intermittent compression is applied at the same time as cryotherapy, the cold is allowed to penetrate deeper and lasts longer, thus creating a greater therapeutic benefit to the patient.

Flex-Mate 1500

The Flex-Mate CPM is a device that is used immediately following a procedure, allowing the patient’s limb to remain passive. The patient’s leg is able to fully extend and flex while reducing pain and inflammation.

OptiFlex S

The OptiFlex S is designed to provide anatomical motion for the shoulder. The OptiFlex S addresses a complete range of motion capabilities.