Worker’s Compensation

Our full-service facility was designed to give employees a swift recovery and get them back to work as soon as possible. From the initial diagnosis to surgery through the completion of rehab and everything in between, we seamlessly guide injured workers through the process back to health. We have a 15-year history of providing worker’s compensation services successfully and ethically. Because of this, we have a very experienced and knowledgeable staff that can handle all paperwork involved with workers compensation cases. We believe in maintaining a transparent process that results in getting your employees back to work with little to no lost time. Some of our clients include Kraft Foods, Walmart, MoDOT, and Orscheln.

What We Offer

Dealing with different cases and paperwork can be difficult, and our goal is to provide you with a smooth and easy process while also providing exceptional care. From the initial evaluation, we monitor patient progress through X-rays, MRI, in-house surgery, and medication, to release. We offer a free standing operating center performing outpatient surgeries that are cost effective, and a full physical therapy treatment through Moberly Regional Medical Center. Below is a brochure with a complete list of our clients and detailed standard procedures.

View our Work Comp brochure