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Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones gradually become more porous and fragile over time, making them more susceptible to break. Osteoporosis needs to be regularly attended to and monitored. We use the latest bone density (DXA) scanning equipment to closely monitor the effects of the disease. In our Osteoporosis Center, we focus on evaluation and treatment of bone weakening by building bone density, preventing bone fractures, and managing any pain that you have.

DXA Scanning

DXA is an enhanced form of XRay that is used to measure bone loss and bone density. With an early diagnosis and effective way to monitor bone mass, we at Midwest Bone & Joint Center can more easily prevent and treat problems that can occur with osteoporosis.

Prolia® Injections

We offer Prolia® injections, which are administered only twice a year to slow the bone deterioration process. These injections are a great treatment method especially for women who are at high risk for fracture or who are unsuccessful with any other osteoporosis medication. Prolia® helps to stop the development of cells that remove bone tissue, so over time your bones will get stronger and your bone density will increase.