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Most Common Types of Arthritis:

  • Osteoarthritis- a degenerative joint disease that is a leading cause of joint replacement surgery.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis- Membranes or tissues lining the joint become inflamed.
  • Post-traumatic Arthritis- Irregularities lead to more wear on the joint.
  • Avascular Necrosis- Bone may collapse and damage the cartilage.
  • Paget’s Disease- The density and the shape of the bone change.

Symptoms include pain and stiffness in the joint and swelling, which then inhibits everyday tasks. Pain could be isolated to one spot, or in different parts of the body. It can also be effected by how active you are, being triggered by movement or activities as well as a period of motionlessness. These symptoms may come on suddenly or gradually over time.


While being evaluated for joint issues, you will be asked to give thorough information about medical history, including current medications, prior surgeries and treatments, prior diagnoses, and family history. After gaining that information, you will receive a physical examination to assess the condition of the joints and any symptoms that have been occurring. During diagnostics, the doctor may perform X-rays or other scans and tests to evaluate possible joint damage or deformity.