Open MRI

An MRI is a non-invasive test that is used to find and diagnose medical issues. In an MRI, a magnetic field and pulses of radio waves can scan and take pictures of organs and parts of the body which are normally not accessible or visible. Tumors, infections, bleeding, blood vessels, and abnormal issue can all be better investigated with an MRI. We offer on site Open MRI services with a GE E-Scan MRI System. Images are sent via secure internet connection to Iowa Radiology to be read.


An x-ray is another test that scans the body to help find possible abnormalities. With an x-ray, dense material such as bone and metal are shown in contrast against the rest of the body. Our X-Ray department is well equipped with not only a full service X-Ray unit but a mobile OEC MiniView 6800 C-Arm as well to allow us to do x-rays in the operating suite. This equipment allows us to perform fracture reductions in the clinic, as well as, live x-ray imaging of an injury to monitor healing or evaluate instability of a joint.

DXA Scan

DXA is an enhanced form of X-ray that is used to measure bone loss and bone density. With an early diagnosis and effective way to monitor bone mass, we at Midwest Bone & Joint Center can more easily prevent and treat problems that can occur with osteoporosis. To find out more about DXA Scanning and osteoporosis, you can read more on our osteoporosis center page.


Our workers compensation patients are conveniently served by our in-house pharmacy. Patients needing medication can leave our office with it in hand and not have to make another stop to have a prescription filled.